Microsoft Launch Party Poll

Please have a look at this You Tube clip promoting the idea of launch parties for Windows Seven, and then consider your answer to the poll. We will be forwarding the results to Microsoft. Your vote really counts.


~ by Ian Marchant on September 29, 2009.

9 Responses to “Microsoft Launch Party Poll”

  1. The older woman; it was the effort she had to put into looking enthusiastic. Mind you, napalm for the whole lot would be a preferred option. Reminds me of an evening I spent in the company of Amway enthusiasts. On the bright side, they’ll be dead soon; in their world, an hour and a half passed during that six minutes of my life wasted. Yes, I was watching the clock on the cooker.

  2. I voted for her too! Democracy is great!

  3. Well, I went for the nerdy guy. It was his leather bracelets and attempt at a ‘cool’ outfit that did it. I think he must live in his mum’s basement, making collages of swimwear models and rocking himself to sleep at night.

  4. I managed to watch 24 seconds of this before deciding that they all needed the brick treatment.

  5. I voted for the black guy (who keeps eating). He’s HOT.

  6. I’d sprinkle the lot of them with petrol and throw in a lighted match. But I’d like to do that to lots of people. It was nothing personal against any of these.
    The middle aged woman had a certain appeal though, you’d just have to shove a sock or something in her mouth or spin her over.
    Sir Tufton M. Ysoginist DCA Retd. Decsd.

  7. only if the brick was one of those shi77y newwidowsphones……

  8. I watched it for 58 seconds. It’s just like any other advert. on the telly, as in, nothing to do with anything at all. The unreality of the lives of the people in the adverts., gets me puttering every time. Or do people actually spend their lives, laughing like loons whilst eating breakfast cereal? Maybe they do, and I’m just an old grouch. That’s fine by me. I don’t particularly want to throw a brick at them, I just don’t want to have anything to do with them. Which is why I get so annoyed when the telly throws these people at me, comstantly. And there are said to be moves afoot to ban ‘Fawlty Towers’ for being offensive. Someone’s got something very wrong somewhere. End of rant.
    Bernie Bell – yes, me again.

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