Oh, sod it…

…after all, Sunday Night is supposed to be Music Night here on Radio Free Radnorshire.

I was going to blog a rant about the inequity of a voting system that might see the New Party get the smallest number of votes and still get the largest number of seats, but that’s based on ‘uniform swings’, and I am to psephology what Gordon Brown is to civil liberties, so I think I’ll just put my hands up, admit that I don’t know what it means, and post some Brazilian pop music…

Like Jobim…

or Gal Costa…

or Jorge Ben (yes… he sued Rod. And won)

~ by Ian Marchant on April 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Oh, sod it…”

  1. If we’re talking Brazilian music then I absoæutely have to insist you check out some Hermeto Pascoal. This first is from Quarteto Novo (had Airto in it as well) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naQbZds4ZHU

    The second shows the insane genius of a man that can actually solo on his beard:

    As if it’s not enough to look like Father Christmas on holiday….

  2. Woof! Top stuff!

  3. I’ve listened to several versions of Gal Costa’s Baby and this is the one, though they’re all good and I will return to each in time. Thanks, James, for the links to Hermeto Pascoal!

  4. I’ve never really heard a version of Baby I didn’t like, even the version I do with my occasional alt-country band, Little Dolly Daydream. Look here… look what I wrote on my shirt…

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