How long, Lord, how long?

Poor wee David Milliband. The punishment for the Iraq War goes on and on. Today he is in the papers complaining about the way the Lib Dems just hark on about it; and who can blame him? Radovan Karadzic must feel similarly.

So what if the war was quite clearly illegal? So what if the ‘dodgy dossier’ was just copied off the internet? If one of my students did it, they would be chucked out of university, but this was different, because Blair had only to listen to his conscience to know what was right, and if that meant making stuff up, well so be it. It’s a shame Dr Kelly had to die, but, well, there you go. Lots of people die in wars! So what if a million people marched through the streets of London? So what if the average man in the average pub knew perfectly well that there were no WMD’s, just like the silly old arms inspectors said? So what if Bush wanted to show his Daddy he was a proper man by hosting a proper war, and so what if Blair signed a secret treaty at Camp David agreeing to support him? Who cares? Are we just going to go on and on about it? So what if Saddam had no conceivable links with Al Qaeda? How long Lord, how long, must the New Labour Party be punished?

Saddam was a bad man, and that’s the only thing that counts. Yes, Mugabe is a bad man, and so is Kim Jong Il. Yes, the regime in Burma is brutal beyond compare. If we’re honest, our pals in China are a bunch of evil motherfuckers. But they are our friends! So we’re hardly going to bomb them, are we, just for being bad? But Saddam was super bad, and he had lots of oil. So he, and over 100 000 of his fellow countrymen had to die. And quite right too! (I should say that the civilian deaths are only an estimate, because ‘we don’t do body counts’. We can be much more accurate when it comes to calculating the lives of dead British servicemen and women).

So please, Lib Dems, enough! Stop punishing New Labour! And let David Milliband and his friends get on with running the economy, at which they’re so very good. Here’s a lovely song, to soothe him to sleep. Good night David! Sleep tight!

~ by Ian Marchant on April 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “How long, Lord, how long?”

  1. Hey Ian, Just wondering if you knew google has decided that this post would be a good place to advertise the conservatives…

  2. Good. Send me traffic! Lovely lovely traffic! Then you get some too…

  3. In fairness, it is easier to count to 100 than it is to count to 100,000. I mean, that could take hours. And who has that kind of time?

    … other than students, I mean.

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