About this blog – and the Bookstore.

This blog is about the making of my new book ‘Something of the Night.’

I’m starting this blog  just as I start the journeys, meetings and reading around which I’ll write the book.

Please feel free to share your night thoughts, either here, or via my e-mail address, which is ian@ianmarchant.com

The Bookstore feature now means that we can post up books (and records) other than those written (or recorded) by me.  We recieve some small remuneration if you decide to click through to Amazon and buy the book (or record). We’re going to try to keep it uncluttered. It will feature books (and records) I mention in the blog, together with some books (and records) that Perry and I like, and that we feel you might like to read (or listen to.) We hope that it will grow into an interesting place to browse.

7 Responses to “About this blog – and the Bookstore.”

  1. Ian,

    Yes, the hits were too few and not big enough, but many great songs all the same that produced some great fans. I hope you enjoy our muisc as well.

    Al Kaston

  2. OMG! We’re so not worthy! We LOVE The Raspberries! We loved The Choir! We love Eric Carmen! We are Raspberry mad here at ‘Something of the Night’….

  3. Hello Dad,

    I’m obviously desperate to sign up to your blog, but unlike my blog (www.markswill.cwordpress.com) – sorry about the naked plug – i cannot find a button that enables to me to do this. Could you spare a moment in your packed schedule to lighten my darkness?

    Your pal – Mark W.

  4. Hello Ian – well, this looks goodly interesting and bloggeed up! Arctic Monkeys with string sections and dancing girls/ Letters from The Raspberries! /imminent gigs/ Stonehenge/ Mark Williams (also of the great stop-gap New Music News, by the way..)a Chas website /Presteigne eh???…glad I stumbled upon another branch of your ceaselessly radiant productivity under this particular star soaked sky. I must investigate these WordPress constructions for myself. And I must cop an ear of t’ audio Crawl – have you taken all my ‘fucks’ out yet? I’m back in Yorkshire now – footsteps away from the Leeds-Liverpool canal…more soon, and beer I hope.


  5. PS: if you’re ever feeling like you’re a little too happy one day this’ll sort you out….www.myspace.com/glisteningcogsgreenland

  6. I have just read your book “Parallel lines”I was interested in your past life in remote N.Devon. I Deduce you lived in either Sheepwash , Highhampton or Black Torrington.
    I spent my childhood at Buckland Filleigh where my father was the Rector appointed by the squire Scott Browne son of Percival Browne an Australian sheep farmer who bought the Manor.Later we moved to King’snympton on the Exeter Barnstaple line. I was well acquainted with these now destroyed railway lines, and the Bulleid Pacifics which hauled the trains.

  7. You deduce well, Dr. Vaughan; t’was Sheepwash.

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