I’m on the train

Thought I should big this up…
I’m On The Train, Saturday 10th July 8pm Radio Four,
repeated Monday 12th July 3pm.

That I haven’t done so until today is because I’m so chuffed aout the new website which Mr Perry venus has been working on. It’s looking great, and there is lots to do and see, and we’re just about ready to go. So I guess this will be the last post on the old site…. hope you like the new one when we launch in a few days…

~ by Ian Marchant on July 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “I’m on the train”

  1. Well as I’ll be just off the train (about 5 hours with 3 kids) and freshly arrived in N. Devon I trust you’ll forgive me if I manage to miss this one!

  2. I look forward to this Ian – I now have the pleasure of being able to walk to work, but ‘commuted’ to school and FE college by train for many years. I learned at an early age the skill of being able to look at (stare at?) people (well girls actually) in the opposite seating bay by focusing on the reflection apparent on the inside of the outer pane of the railway carriage double glazing – whilst of course appearing to be gazing at the scenery.

  3. And I only hope that you’ve paid for your ticket, Mr Marchant…

  4. Don’t forget you can still listen through the computer until Saturday 17 July. Perfect for doing the ironing.

  5. Just had a listen (while playing Elite, if anyone is nerdy enough to remember that…). Amusing, insightful and the perfect accompaniment to blowing space pirates out of the sky.

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